Trivae Trivet


Trivae is a patented device with an artful design and many features. Created for the home cook and professional chef alike, it holds inverted lids when cooking and doubles as a trivet for serving and a display stand for finished dishes. With its chic, modern look, it fits seamlessly into any kitchen and lends that extra hand you always wished you had while cooking. It's also a great complement to a meal in any setting, whether a dinner at home, at a restaurant, or at a large catered event like a wedding.

Trivae's Many Uses


  • Frees up both hands for cooking

  • Keeps your countertops clean

  • Lessens the risk of burns and spills

  • Minimizes clutter in the kitchen

  • Holds inverted lids up to 10 lbs

  • Fits most standard lid handles/knobs


  • Presents finished dishes in style

  • Useful for catered events, restaurants or family dining

  • Creates more space on the table

  • Holds dishes up to 10 lbs


  • Elevates hot pots, pans, and dishes

  • Heat resistant up to 475°F

  • Protects surfaces like dining tables

  • Stores compactly in any drawer

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