Smoked Oak Flake Salt


Our Smoked Oak Flake Salt is smoky with a light woody flavor, without being overwhelmingly salty.

Smoked Oak Salt is a wonderfully strong, flavorful salt, so it is best used sparingly or as a finishing salt. If you do desire to cook with it, use it in seafood dishes or rice-based dishes. It is great on chicken and some strongly flavored cheese-based dishes.

This salt can also act as a substitute for meat crumbles in some cases. This is a good trick for salads or pasta dishes, but don’t add too much! It is easy to over salt a dish, and it is impossible to take the salt back out of the dish. Add small amounts at a time until the salt is at an appropriate level for what you like. Seasoning “to taste” is different for everyone, and this salt has the unique quality of being a good finishing salt, so it’s great to keep a little at the table for anyone else eating with you to add it as they please.

This would also be a nice finishing touch on chocolates, like a good caramel. Adding just a few flakes of this salt to a batch of these candies will make your salted caramel experience exponentially better. Add it to caprese for a healthier, more savory application. It is also very tasty as a topper for avocado toast!

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