Smoked Mesquite Flake Salt


Often, the first thing you will think of when hearing the name "mesquite" is a good barbecue sauce. The obvious association here is that our Smoked Mesquite Flaked Salt makes for a great ingredient in homemade barbecue sauces. This salt can be used in dry rubs as well, to help infuse flavor and make the meat more tender. Also try it as an ingredient in your beef brisket, burgers, or beef jerky recipes.

This is a salt that is also fantastic on starchy, root vegetables. It's not super overwhelming but can get there quickly if you load too much on, so use a small amount of the salt at first and then add more to taste. If you love roasted vegetables this is a salt you will want to have in your spice cabinet!

Our Smoked Mesquite Flaked Salt has a strong smoky flavor with slightly sweet undertones.

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