Jalapeño Seasoning Salt


During the jalapeno growing season the grower passes through the field numerous times, harvesting unripened, green jalapeños for market. At the growing season winds down the jalapeños that have been left to naturally ripen turn bright red. In Mexico and in the U.S., there is a market for ripe red jalapeños. The growers will also leave some on bush for even longer so that in addition to this deep red color they will have also lost most of their moisture. These are the jalapenos that are picked to be made into chipotles. Jalapenos are added to many products during processing, including sausage, cheese, and jelly.

Use Jalapeno Salt when you’re looking for some subtle heat and saltiness on your burgers, burritos, chicken, eggs, enchiladas, homemade sausage, potatoes, pizza, rice, tacos, steak, veggies and of course popcorn.

Hand blended with sea salt, jalapeno powder, garlic, onion, pepper and Mexican oregano. 

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