Hojiblanca Ultra Premium Olive Oil - Australia


Intensity: Mild

*Crush Date: May 2018

The Australian Hojiblanca is consistently one of our most popular and approachable Extra Virgin Olive Oils! It is pleasantly creamy and exhibits wonderful tasting notes of stone fruit and tropical fruit. It displays no bitterness and low pungency, with a delicate pepper finish. 


Country of origin: Chile

* Biophenols: 163.6 ppm
* FFA: 0.23
* Oleic Acid: 74.3
* Peroxide: 7.3
* DAGs: 92.1
* PPP: <1.0
* As measured at the time of crush.
* Flat Rate Shipping:    $15.00 per box for...
1-5 375 ml bottles per box, OR
1-6 200 ml bottles per box
* Must all be same size of bottle in each box.

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