Organic Chetoui Ultra Premium Olive Oil - Tunisia


Intensity: Robust

*Crush Date: November 2019

This is our highest phenol olive oil for the 2019 Harvest! This extraordinarily Robust, high phenol Organic Chetoui displays notes of fresh cut grass and has a creamy artichoke heart center. It has a beautiful and romantic grassy aroma.  It is low in bitterness with a ton of pungency and a pleasant peppery finish. 

                                                  Country of origin: Tunisia

* Biophenols: 667.4
* FFA: 0.30
* Oleic Acid: 68.0
* Peroxide: 6.6
* DAGs: 93.6
* PPP: <1.0

* As measured at the time of crush.
* Flat Rate Shipping:    $15.00 per box for...
1-5 375 ml bottles per box, OR
1-6 200 ml bottles per box
* Must all be same size of bottle in each box.

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