Brewpub Garlic Fries Seasoning


Flavor Profile
Salty with a smooth roasted garlic flavor with a hint of mild heat from the freshly ground white pepper. 

What’s In It
Hand blended from roasted garlic, sea salt, onion and white pepper.    

Helpful Hints

Not sure what potatoes are best for making fries? Restaurants tend to go for Russets, and they prefer those grown in Idaho if at all possible. What oil is best for deep frying your fries? We like to use peanut oil; as it has a high smoking point while the taste of the oil is mild enough not to overpower the fries. If you have a countertop deep fryer, that is great! But a heavy bottomed pan will work just as well. 

Sometimes we make fries using sweet potatoes, we follow the cut, rinse and fry steps listed above.  

We have also had great success using our Garlic Fries Seasoning on Popcorn.

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