Silver Edge Heirloom Squash Seed Oil


For a limited time, we are offering oil pressed from silver edge squash seeds. Silver edge is a Native American heirloom that is grown for its large and tasty silver-edged seeds which are typically roasted for pepitas or used in pipian sauce--but we took it one step further and pressed the seeds to extract its delicious oil. This oil has a delicate flavor that complements soft cheeses, roasted vegetables, fish, and salads.

Silver Edge Squash Seed Oil is 100% non-GMO varietal oil made from the seeds of silver edge squash. Seeds are roasted and expeller pressed.

* Flat Rate Shipping:    $15.00 per box for...
1-5 375 ml bottles per box, OR
1-6 200 ml bottles per box
* Must all be same size of bottle in each box.

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